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September 2001 Issue



Lala Rokh has made the exotic familiar, with fresh and flavorful Persian dishes that still delight.

Azita Bina-Seibel was born to run a restaurant—a comfortably elegant Persian restaurant serving the food of her native Iran. This wasn't clear to me when […]


Jeffrey Hall can deliver a lecture about the courtship behavior of fruit flies as easily as he can cover the battle of Gettysburg. Odd combination. But Hall is no ordinary university professor.

In the sprawling solar system that is Boston academia, Harvard and MIT are the two blinding suns at the center. BU, BC, Wellesley, and Tufts […]

A day with Little Joe Cook starts at 4 p.m., ends at 4 a.m., and leaves no doubt that he's still the coolest cat in Cambridge

It's almost showtime, and Joe Cook has vanished. It's hard to hide when you're a 78-year-old, 5-foot-5, bespectacled black man, hobbled by arthritic knees and […]

Harvard Square's been lost to chains, Porter Square to yuppies. But the stretch of Massachusetts Avenue that connects the two proves it's sometimes cooler in the in-between.

From the median strip at the top of upper Massachusetts Avenue near Porter Square, things appear very straight and narrow. Nondescript, low-lying buildings close in […]

For today's child it's all work and no play (unless, of course, play involves a coach, a team, and a set schedule). Parents are stressed out, and so are their kids. In fact, experts warn, children are on the brink of burning out right before our

It's a scorching afternoon, one of those days on which weathermen warn everyone to stay inside, avoid all things stressful, and wear light, loose-fitting clothing. […]

With Joe Moakley gone, the gloves are off in the Ninth Congressional District. The contenders? South Boston versus suburbia.

Steve Lynch, state senator from South Boston, is foraging for votes in a sleepy residential neighborhood near Dedham Center. It’s hot, and a lot of […]

For four hours convicted murderer Lewis Dickerson begged the parole board for his freedom. But one thing he said might keep him locked up forever.

He knew what he had to say, but the words were stuck in his gut. And they weren't coming up. Damned if I do, he […]

“I wouldn't worry,” went the line in This Is Spinal Tap, “Boston' not a big college town.” Who'd have dreamed that joke might ever become prophetic?

It seemed a suitable setting for the delegates representing one of greater Boston's most important industries: a French manor-style mansion on a secluded 25-acre Dedham […]

“I wouldn't worry,” went the line in This Is Spinal Tap, “Boston' not a big college town.” Who'd have dreamed that joke might ever become prophetic?

Read This From the Beginning This is no longer just some abstract threat. More than a dozen New England colleges have closed or merged with […]