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September 2004 Issue



A new chef is revving up flavors at his humble Cambridge bistro.

Fore Street is the Portland restaurant where chef Sam Hayward serves deceptively simple food that is always exactly right, because the ingredients are as fresh […]

Think you know all of Europe’s great wine regions? Not unless you’ve tasted Portugal’s surprisingly good varietals.

What I’m about to say may shock or upset you. But many of you often write to ask me what the “next big thing” is, […]


Boston cabs are the nation's third most expensive. So who's getting all those profits?

On a hot weekday afternoon, ground transportation at Logan Airport is a study in “hurry up and wait.” Massport buses cut the muggy air with […]

The true story of the man who had it all — a house in the suburbs, a good job, five kids — until he went on the Internet to hire a hit man to kill his wife.

The beat-up black BMW sputtered to a stop, and Harold Stonier stepped out onto the New Bedford waterfront. The sky was overcast, with gulls wheeling […]

The stigma of September 11 doesn't just affect foreign policy. For one day this month, the wedding industry has been put on hold.

On September 11 — as the nation commemorates the third anniversary of that dreadful day in 2001 — wedding specialist Ted Daniels will be particularly […]

Newbury Street is a center of the hair industry. But to find shear talent, you have to look beyond the fluffed-up egos and air kissing.

Sunlight filters in through the windows of the Ritz Carlton bar, casting a glow over the mahogany tables and half-empty martini glasses. Frank Xavier leans […]


And you thought picking a preschool was hard. Choosing the best high school is an even tougher assignment. That’s why we’ve taken out the guesswork with our most comprehensive ranking yet of which schools are worth the money — whether in tui

Chris Coughlin, a tall, sandy-haired senior at Noble and Greenough School, knew he’d had enough of Natick High School when his geometry teacher assigned a […]

The 87-year-old dean of American journalism has a lot on his mind these days. Here, Cronkite on war, politics, and the way it is now. . . .

* Political conventions “Quite frankly, I haven't been to the last two or three conventions, Democrat or Republican,” says Cronkite, who instead stayed home on […]

Finding daycare may be a hassle. But picking the right one could mean the difference between life and death.

Tiny MacKenzie Rose Corrigan was unconscious and struggling for life when paramedics arrived at the home of her babysitter on June 4, 2003. Bruised, bleeding […]

When Southie ex-cop and ex-con Richard Marinick writes about crime, it's not fiction. It's his life.

To paraphrase Darwin, reinvention is the mother of iguanas. Adapt, learn to burrow, or perish like some clueless great auk. That's the creed of the […]

Wellesley Middle School is a suburban oasis where the last vestiges of childhood give way to talk of swimsuit models, college, and high school ass beatings.

It's 12:21 p.m., and in the cafeteria at Wellesley Middle School, a rumor emerges. The average half-life of a rumor here is 12 minutes and […]