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September 2005 Issue


Boston College this month enters the bizarre world of the ACC, where football is religion. Will it play in Boston? Who cares, as long as the money rolls in?

Leaning back in his chair, his hands behind his head, Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo takes in the panoramic view of Alumni Stadium from […]

Two social clubs run by women duke it out in a city where young people are increasingly desperate to meet each other.

F. Anne Harrell stands proudly beside a massive sheet cake just inside the entrance of the Liquor Store, a newly redesigned nightclub at the edge […]

The true story of the year's juiciest rumor!

The notorious photograph shows the ballplayer, a popular member of the exalted Red Sox, sitting in a chair and looking straight at the camera, beer […]

Trust your real estate broker? Think again.

In an industry politely described as resistant to change, real estate broker Bill Wendel is part visionary, part eccentric. He once ran his Real Estate […]

Who is Michael Sullivan, and why is he suddenly stalking some of the biggest political game in town?

In the beginning — years before U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan's indictment of former state House Speaker Tom Finneran for perjury and obstruction of justice plunged […]

After years of being written off by critics, Denis Leary is suddenly one of the hottest talents on TV. He's still angry. He's still funny. But now he's also something he's never been before—respected.

High above Park Avenue, in New York City's posh Waldorf-Astoria, it's quite clear who's in charge of the television show being shot here. The FX […]

When she was 19, Judy McDevitt moved to an island in Boston harbor. Forty-four years later, she's the only one left.

On a typical Monday morning , 63-year-old Judy McDevitt wakes up shortly after sunrise and walks across the creaking wooden floor of her small beach […]

Soon the Big Dig will be done and Boston's penchant for municipal self-improvement will again go looking for fulfillment. What should we do next? Here's what.

I have always been partial to gigantic engineering projects. As a kid, I spent countless hours playing a game called SimCity, which allows players to […]

What if there were a simple way to give every student more personal attention? What if teachers had more creative ways to teach math and reading, measure what kids really know, address the unique learning needs of boys and girls, and get parents involved

SINGLE-SEX ED Challenge: Boys and girls learn differently. Solution: Divide them up and play to the specific needs of each gender. Case Study: Sacred Heart […]

School Days

Boston gumshoe Spenser returns in a crackling yarn about sexual blackmail and a murder at a Massachusetts prep school. A well-heeled society lady hires our […]

Wickett's Remedy

Goldberg follows up her debut, Bee Season, with this historical novel juxtaposing the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918 against the rise and fall of a […]

Anita Diamant’s moving new novel is alive with unusual characters

In her third novel, the author of The Red Tent and Good Harbor again breaks old ground, this time on early-19th-century Cape Ann. The community […]


Prada or Gucci? Who cares! Here’s what the in crowd is buzzing about this season.

This time of year, every magazine except Popular Mechanics seems to be stuffed to the gills with fall fashion advice. Including this one. So, good—now […]