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September 2008 Issue

The Lessons of Newton North

In leafy Newton, the townsfolk have long been infected by a particularly potent strain of education lust. But now, with a $200 million high school tearing the city apart, it’s more than merely a reputation for great education that’s at stake. It’s the future of Newton as we know it.


City Life

The Martyrdom of John Connolly

Corrupt FBI agent John Connolly earned infamy—and a 10-year jail sentence—for aiding über-gangster Whitey Bulger. But in his upcoming murder trial, the real bad guys will be the ones given sweetheart deals to present their shaky testimony against him. (The prosecutors are no angels, either.) The case against the case against a man the Justice Department seems set on punishing for others’ sins.

He’s with Tom

He started out as a Patriots intern. Then Will McDonough made a very important friend, and got himself a much, much sweeter job.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: A Holocaust Fairy Tale

Before the ugly legal fights, before the international scandal, before even her publisher turned against her, Misha Defonseca was just a nice Jewish lady from the Boston suburbs with a story so incredible, no one dared disbelieve it.


Loony Tunes

With Taj Tunes, Cambridge businessman Dave Hui has outsourced the singing telegram. The songs are hysterical—as long as you don’t think about what you’re really laughing at.

How to Make a Senator Sweat

Disgruntled Massachusetts Democrats have given John Kerry his first primary challenge in 24 years. That has him acting almost as if he still wants to be our senator. Almost.

Ain’t No Party Like an HBS Party

The economy’s in the toilet, but at Harvard Business School, the tycoons of tomorrow have different concerns. Like finding the perfect getup for the big cross-dressing bash, and fitting in a little learning amid the nonstop schmoozing and boozing.


Big-House Bounty

Liberty Hotel hot spot Scampo marks Lydia Shire’s return to the Boston dining scene, powered by robust Italian fare, a vibrant personality, and plenty of garlic and butter.

City Journal

The Schwartz Factor: John King

As election season kicks in, CNN’s political guru tells Jason Schwartz to stay tuned: The magic wall will reveal all.