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September 2011 Issue

Best Schools 2011: The Rankings

Our exclusive ranking of the region’s Top 50 school districts.


Paint the Town

This fall is about longer hemlines, mixed prints, sophisticated silhouettes…and, above all, the season’s hottest hue: Red.

Jody Under Construction

In this era of celebrity chefs and restaurant empires, culinary powerhouse Jody Adams has dodged the spotlight for decades. But with a new Boston restaurant about to open, she’s finally embracing her personal brand. The question is: what took her so long?

Pit Boss

New York real estate mogul Steven Roth wowed Boston in 2006 with plans for a gleaming skyscraper that would replace the old Filene’s and spark a Renaissance of downtown crossing. Five years later, the project is on indefinite hold, and the only thing Roth has delivered is a mammoth crater in the heart of the city.

Is College Over?

The American system of higher education, long the envy of the world—and a profound influence on this city’s landscape—is under siege. New books and reports raise questions about the staggering dropout rates, sky-high costs, and lack of evidence that anybody is actually learning anything on our university campuses. Suddenly, some very smart people are asking whether the temple of learning is anything more than a shady facade.


Family, Interrupted

When DJ Henry was shot to death by police last year, it made national headlines—a black college football player from a comfortable Boston suburb killed by white cops in Westchester County, New York. The media coverage focused on what had gone wrong and who was to blame. For DJ’s family, though, there was another important question: How do you grieve on a public stage?

The Long Goodbye

Jeff Gonski lost his fiancée during 9/11. Every September since has been an exercise in distraction—anything to avoid the memories. But with the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks this month, it’s time to look his loss in the eye.

Arts + Entertainment

The Arts Beat: The Mighty Return

The Bosstones are back and they have charisma to burn.

Modern Love

The MFA gets hip.


The Empire State Strikes Back

New York’s decision to allow gay marriage was a great stride for equality—one that could cost Massachusetts millions in lost tourism.

The Price is Right

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…and this nonprofit pays Boston parents for feeding them to their kids.

Person of Interest: Kirsten Hughes

The Scott Brown campaign staffer who wants to be part of your world — and Quincy’s city council.

Hubbub with Joi Ito

Meet Joi Ito, the shark-feeding, World of Warcraft-playing head of the MIT Media Lab.

Fashion + Style

Chain Reaction

Toughen up your autumn wardrobe with chunky links in mixed metals, resin, and wood.

Thrill of the Hunt

A tucked-away North End shop specializes in manly American-made gear—like Indiana Jones’s boots.

Haute Headlines

What’s happening in Hub style.

This is a Test: Passing the Bar

Will the latest fitness craze really give you that lithe and toned ballerina body? Anne Vickman gives it a twirl.

Style Smarts

Nature as muse is nothing new, Nervous System’s unexpected designs are a definite change.


Dining Out at 80 Thoreau

Score one for the suburbs: With the latest entry from a team of season restaurant pros, Concord locals luck out.

First Bite at Forum

A new Back Bay restaurant has plenty of scene-stealing style. If only it served food to match.

Table Talk

What’s heating up our city’s restaurant scene.

Gin Dandy

Enough already with the vodka drinks tarted up with bitters, herbs, citrus peel, and flowery cordials. It’s time to embrace the real thing—gin.

Digging It

If you think the gnarly ginger root you find in grocery stores has kick, wait until you’ve tasted a knob of the freshly harvested stuff.