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Personal Injury
Bergstresser & Pollock PC

Bergstresser & Pollock PC



Shubow, Stahlin and Bergstresser, PC, where Clyde Bergstresser started his practice, was founded in 1974 by lawyers dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals. From its founding, landmark cases were brought to seek justice for patients suffering the effects of delayed diagnosis of cancer (Glicklich v. Spievack), establishing first in the nation rights for mental patients (Rogers v. Okin), holding the banking industry accountable for predatory practices, seeking recourse for those deprived of fair compensation by bad faith insurance practices as well as legal malpractice. For decades, cases have been successfully brought seeking and obtaining compensation for individuals and families injured by neglect, recklessness and willful misconduct. The lawyers of Bergstresser & Pollock PC continue in that tradition and are widely recognized as some of the most consistently successful plaintiffs’ attorneys in New England, achieving extraordinary results.