HubThreads: Celebrating Boston Street Style

Meet Nicole. She's one-half of the space pop duo Breaking Forms.

Photo by Diana Levine

Critics say this city has no style. We’re here to prove them wrong. Welcome to HubThreads, where we chat with the most stylish people we find out and about in Boston. Think you or someone you know has the best street style? Let us know.


I hear that you work at MIT’s Media Lab. Can you tell me more about what you do? I’m currently working as a PhD researcher in the Opera of The Future group. My work explores spatial experience, perception and the relationship between sound & space, based on the idea of sound as a construction material. I work at the intersection of art, music, architecture, science, and technology in order to create work that challenges systems of thinking, while modeling and re-shaping human cognition. I’m currently creating multi-sensory immersive environments, to open questions about possible futures, redefine how we perceive our world, and most importantly, trigger connection and empathy between human and non-human agents.

Whoa. I have so many more questions about your work. But, more importantly, who cuts your hair?! It’s very cool. Thank you! My hair is done by Alyson James from Liquid Hair Studios. The best hair artist in town! And also a badass drummer.

And where did you get that jumpsuit that you’re wearing? ASOS, they usually have things with nice and simple cuts.

Do you have any style icons? I’ve always been attracted by subversive and iconic styles. I love the classics, like, all of Oskar Schlemmer’s ballet designs. David Bowie is someone I will always admire at all of his periods. Same with Björk, she evolves along with nature. I really like Solange Knowles, Annie Clark, and Dev Hynes’ style; they all have some informal slash formal playfulness I like. I’ve also been close to a local scene of fashion designers and artists that have been very inspiring. Not only because they’re good friends, great people, and very creative artists, but also because of their unique way of defying norms, as well as building a strong sense of self-expression and communication through fashion.

How would you describe your personal style? I would say that I dress somewhat minimalistic and wear mostly simple, geometric, comfortable, and monochromatic garments. I also love to incorporate some silver, gold, glitter or space-inspired elements.

Are there any places you love to shop in Boston? More than stores, I see people making things and sharing them through spontaneous events in town, or even in their personal social media. I really like the work of local fashion artists like Christian Restrepo, Erin Robertson, and Jordan Piantedosi. I think they’re pushing the boundaries of fashion and using it as a transdisciplinary instrument for creation, in direct relationship with art, research, science, nature, fun, technology, storytelling, geometries, and colors.

Tell me something else about yourself. I am also an experimental musician, drummer, singer, synth lover and one-half of the space pop duo Breaking Forms! My husband and I created Breaking Forms when we moved to Boston two years ago from Santiago, Chile. We’ve been performing on the East Coast, mostly in Boston and New York. We recently released an album, and will soon release more songs! We’re very active and excited to grow and be part of the local scene. We’re constantly collaborating with other musicians, artists, scientists, techonologists, fashion designers, futurists, and inventors. Our music combines space aesthetics and boundless love. It’s sometimes upbeat, sometimes dark and slow, but always liberating. We like to say that we are married by day, and sound warriors by night.