Photos: Let’s Celebrate the Future of Every Child Fundraiser

Check out scenes from the November 2, 2018, event at the Downtown Harvard Club.

On November 2, 2018, the “Let’s Celebrate the Future of Every Child” fundraiser at the Downtown Harvard Club was co-chaired by Roberta Moore of Dover, ML Krakauer of Wayland and Tasneem Ghogawala of Needham. The inaugural event of the Boston Leadership Council exceeded expectations. In addition to the benefit committee members, a group of teens and young adults volunteered their time to help make the event experience an inspiring one for attendees and ultimately raise funds to help refugee children return to an environment of learning.

Host, Tim Douglas, and WCVB-TV’s Janet Wu introduced Cokie Roberts of NPR and ABC News. Roberts shared her passion for children and spoke about Save the Children’s record of efficacy. Mary Mendenhall, ED.D talked about the importance of helping kids get back to a learning environment within 30 days of displacement. Greg Ramm of Save the Children spoke about the need to allow children in crisis to just behave like children and Allison Zelkowitz, joined us via livestream with real time stories from the field in Lebanon.

By the end of the night, enough money was raised to purchase a van and a mobile book library which will serve a remote region in Eastern Lebanon and create a fully funded enduring legacy from Boston. This gift provides reading, education, and hope to refugee children and their families for years to come. You can still help Support Education Programs for Refugee Children by visiting their donation page at

Photography by Casey Atkins

Tim Douglas, Greg Ramm, Janet Wu, Sejpal Srinivasan, Cokie Roberts, Joe Ramrath, and Mary Mendenhall

Benefit Co-Chairs Tasneem Ghogawala, ML Krakauer, and Roberta Moore

Guests chat with Greg Ramm

Political commentator Cokie Roberts of NPR and ABC News

Greg Ramm of Save the Children, Associate Professor Mary Mendenhall of the Teacher’s College of Columbia University and Cokie Roberts of NPR and ABC News speak on a panel