Get Inside Julian Edelman’s Pants

We sat down with the MVP to chat about his collection with Joe’s Jeans, his friendship with Ken Oringer, and the beard that lives on.

Julian Edelman speaking at Saks Fifth Avenue, photo by Michael Blanchard

Even if you’ve never watched a single football game, chances are you know Julian Edelman. Whether he’s breaking records on the field or casually walking down the street in jeans and a t-shirt, the man is a swoon machine. So, it only makes sense that denim company Joe’s Jeans wanted to put those genes in a pair of theirs.

For a little over two years, Edelman has worked with Joe’s to create three different styles; slim-fit Asher, athletic-fit Folsom, and a straight and narrow called the Brixton. Edelman said that he was originally drawn to the partnership because, “as an athletic guy, the size of my legs are always fluctuating and they make a comfortable jean with some style to it.”

Style is something the wide receiver is also known for. “I would say my style is comfortable, with hints of funky. I always try to have something that comes across as timeless,” he says. “Of course, I like to dress up when it’s time to do that, but the majority of the time, I’m a jean guy.”

In person, Edelman doesn’t fit the stereotype of a football player. In addition to his interest in fashion, he speaks in a cadence that gives away his California upbringing, as does his laid-back demeanor. You could more easily imagine him operating the most popular taco truck on the beach than tossing aside grown men on a field in a sport that is notoriously aggressive. He talks about his “homies” at his favorite restaurants in town like a regular, calling everyone from the chef to the manager by name.

“Katy Chirichiello, [the manager at Little Donkey] is my girl! Kenny [Oringer] and Jamie [Bissonette] and those dudes have always been so hospitable to me. We have a relationship now, it’s awesome,” he says. “They literally connect with my nutritionist and measure out the types of carbohydrates I need, the protein I need, and coordinate how much food I’m eating on certain days, if I’m doing a hard practice or I need more antioxidants. They give me alligator and all of these proteins that my body responds to best.” Edelman went on to call them “part of his team,” and “a big part of this year.”

And we all heard that Tim and Nancy Cushman, restauranteurs behind another of Edelman’s favorite spots, bought his beard trimmings last month. “That’s such a cool move by Hojoko,” he says. “I go there all the time and I love their food. It means a lot for them to put their name on something that I put my name on.” His only regret is that he didn’t think to hold the beard’s shape somehow before shaving it off.

Although he could always grow another one? Either way, it will be hard for him to lose face in this town.