Seeking Locally-Made Treasures? Try Our New England-Made Holiday Gift Guide

Why give them a gift card or candle when you can wrap up one of these gifts?

Click to view larger. Photo by Karin Dailey / Styling by Laura Nero

1 Simon Pearce “Beachstone” stoneware bowl $195, Vermont,

2 Heart Grown Wild “Truth” face steam, $15, and “Moonlight” bath soak, $22, Vermont,

3 Loomination “Cityscape” bamboo scarf, $198, Massachusetts,

4 Nero Made “Ore” gold rings, $900 each, Maine, neromade .com.

5 Natralee cocoa-vanilla scrub, $15, Massachusetts,

6 Kate Whitehouse linen, wood, and leather necklaces, starting at $44 each, Massachusetts,

7 Maragold Designs leather envelope clutch, $120, Massachusetts,

8 50 Hikes in Eastern Massachusetts, $13, Massachusetts,

9 Gamine hand-dyed-cotton nail apron, $94, 

10 Quoddy “Fireside” shearling slippers, $179, Maine, quoddy

11 Blue Monarch hydrating face oil for men, $48, Massachusetts,

12 Erica Moody brass coffee scoops, $105 each, Maine,

13 Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics half-moon planter, starting at $60, Maine,

14 Margo Petitti “P. Square D” linen-silk pocket square, $38.50, Massachusetts,

15 Kent Stetson “Mod Wiggle” clutch, $208, Rhode Island, kentstetson

16 OneOverOne “Duotone” cream blush-and-bronzer, $36, Vermont,

17 Titov “Margot” bra, $65, and high-rise brief, $38, Massachusetts,

18 Diamonds and Rust x Second Wind Sails sailcloth-and-horse-coat-canvas bag, $208, Massachusetts,

19 Somerville Chocolate bars, starting at $9 each, Massachusetts, somer

20 BlueHill Fragrances “Back Bay” perfume, $125, Massachusetts, blue

21 Katey Walker 18-karat-gold handmade chains, starting at $5,600 each, Connecticut,