16 Unique Holiday Gifts Made Right Here in New England

Impress even the pickiest VIPs on your list with 16 thoughtful presents made here in New England.

Clockwise from top left: Stave “Red Sox History” puzzle/Photo by Sally Caldwell Fisher ©Stave Puzzles, Inc.; Levain Bakery Cookies/Photo by Kate Previte; Fishing excursion with Maine Fishing Adventures/Photo by Dennis Welsh – Footage/Getty Images; Winston Flowers “Flower of the Month” Subscription/Photo by Emily Kan Photography

For the dissectologist (or the nerd in your life who knows what that means)

Stave “Red Sox History” puzzle

Dissectologist (noun): 1. A person who enjoys jigsaw-puzzle assembly. 2. A friend who needs a new toy from Stave. Handcrafted in Vermont, these game–changing wooden jigsaws come together to form all sorts of designs, from this Red Sox–themed number by artist David Spindel to a Cape Cod lighthouse.

Starting at $1,256,

For your kid’s teacher with a savage sweet tooth

Levain Bakery cookies

Forget the apple. The way to a teacher’s heart is a mouth-watering cookie from Levain Bakery, which comes to Boston in early 2022 after a legendary run in New York. In the meantime, earn top marks with a special delivery featuring varieties such as chocolate-chip walnut and chewy oatmeal raisin.

Starting at $27 for four,

Illustration by Manuel Santelices

For the bling buff with an artsy side

Tiina Smith’s “A Year in Jewels” Collection

The only thing she’ll dig more than new jewelry? Seeing her bauble immortalized in a work of art. This Tiina Smith collection pairs the designer’s dazzling gems with illustrator Manuel Santelices’s cheery watercolors.

Starting at $19,500 per pairing,

Photo by Jeff Antkowiak for Tiina Smith Jewelry

For the green thumb with no green space

Winston Flowers “Flower of the Month” subscription

Who needs a yard when you’ve got Winston Flowers regularly ringing your doorbell? Each month, the shop sends out a seasonally inspired arrangement boasting blooms like Italian anemones and fragrant hyacinth. Now that’s flower power.

Starting at $300,

For the nature enthusiast who needs a new pic for his Bumble profile

Fishing Excursion with Maine Fishing Adventures

What do margs and fishing gear have in common? Veteran angler Kevin McKay, who shares his expertise (along with his cocktail-serving camp on the Penobscot River) with beginners and seasoned pros alike.

$500 per day for two people,

Photo by Mona Miri

For your fancy-pants parents-in-law

Daniela Corte silk pajamas

Even hard-to-please in-laws can’t question your taste when you hand over a set of designer Daniela Corte’s luxe PJs. Cut from the finest silk, the dainty duds come in a range of graphic patterns as well as solid colors—each more tempting (and more likely to up your share of the will) than the last.

Starting at $564 for a set,

Photo by Erica Moody

For the pal who lives off takeout

Erica Moody chopsticks

He’s not ready to dine indoors at his favorite sushi joint just yet. Class up his to-go order with a pair of artisan Erica Moody’s handcrafted chopsticks. Fashioned from aluminum and ebony and pinned with brass, the elegant utensils make even the most casual meals feel Michelin-starred.


Photo by Jenn Bakos Photography

For your Italian Amazon delivery man

John Francis designs ravioli mold

Come on, you see this guy more than you see your mother. Say grazie mille for all the goodies he brings you with a special one for him: a ravioli mold, hand-carved by woodworker John Welch in his Lowell studio. Whether you opt for walnut, maple, or cherry, your thoughtful gesture is sure to deliver a smile.


Photo by Chappywrap

For your always-cold grandmother

ChappyWrap “Captain’s Classic” blanket

Drape this cotton-blend number over Grandma’s shoulders, and expect a hug. Woven with a Jacquard loom for durability, then treated to a napping process for a super-soft finish, it’ll offer cozy comfort she’ll relish for years to come.

Starting at $135,

Photo by Porcelain and Stone

For your main squeeze

Porcelain and Stone 14-karat-yellow-gold ring

Your love is unbreakable; shouldn’t your gift be, too? Crafted by Boston-based artisan Kimberly Huestis, this dainty yet durable ring features an eco-friendly lab diamond, white porcelain, and a handmade gold band.


Photo by Georgie Morley Photography

For your Jeep-obsessed speed racer

Beach Rides by John Annetti and Whitney Hubbell

Wind in the hair. Wheelies in the sand. That’s just how the car aficionado in your life rolls. Rev those engines with a photographic road trip featuring Jeeps, Defenders, FJs, and their off-roading owners on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.


Photo by Greg Anthony

For your brother who misses live music

“Orbit Custom” U-Turn Audio turntable

That show he bought tickets to was canceled (again). Bring the concert to him with a custom turntable from U-Turn Audio. With six color choices—including a purple worthy of Prince himself—and multiple options for platters and cartridges, his bespoke new gadget will literally be music to his ears.

Starting at $199,

For the dog who fancies himself as an escape artist

New England Bells dog-collar bells

Where’s Spot? You won’t need to ask once he’s hooked up with one of these brass-bell sets. Featuring a heavy-duty leather or Brahma Webb loop and your choice of bell tone, the kits make easy work of keeping tabs on your wandering fur baby.


Photo courtesy of Adrienne Christos

For your BFF’s new house

Adrienne Christos acrylic-on-canvas paintings

Finding the right house is hard; with an original painting by artist Adrienne Christos in tow, decorating doesn’t have to be. Her work stuns with vibrant colors and abstract shapes—all of which will look great on those big, empty walls.

Starting at $800,

Photo by Simply Chickie Clothing

For your boss’s new baby

Simply Chickie clothing “Lobster” organic-cotton onesie

Show her you care—and earn yourself a few brownie points—with a sweet little onesie for her sweet little babe. Made in Rhode Island, this Simply Chickie cotton gem emblazoned with New England’s most famous crustacean should do the trick.


Photo by Callaway Photo

For the self-care-obsessed

Natasha’s Homemade organic Body Butter

Her medicine cabinet overflows with lotions and balms, but she’ll toss ’em all when you surprise her with this one. Created by Dorchester’s Natasha Williams, the essential-oil-packed body butter nourishes skin from head to toe.

$85 for 16 ounces,