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Photos: Art & Law: Boston office of Sidley Austin LLP partners with Artists for Humanity

Check out scenes from the March 30, 2023 event at Sidley Austin LLP's Boston office.

The Boston office of Sidley Austin LLP welcomed Artists for Humanity (AFH) to its offices as part of a growing partnership between the law firm and the nonprofit teen artists collaborative. AFH employs 325+ Boston teens annually in paid apprenticeship in the visual arts and creative industries. The event included an unveiling of 10 unique paintings from AFH purchased by Sidley and displayed throughout its downtown Boston office. The evening also served as a networking opportunity for the young artists and the employees of the firm. The talent from AFH included Jack Nguyen, Ifatayo Onifade, and Axander Vazquez, who shared their inspiration for the artwork. The ongoing partnership between the Boston office of Sidley and AFH includes collaboration with a design team who created a customized logo commemorating Sidley’s 10-year anniversary in Boston, regular sponsorship at art fundraising events, and an interactive art event for Sidley’s summer associates hosted at the AFH studios.

Photography by Artists for Humanity

(L to R) Jack Nguyen, Ifatayo Onifade, Joshua Miller, Axander Vazquez
Artists for Humanity artists pose in front of their artwork after it was installed in the Sidley law firm’s Boston office.

(L to R) Ifatayo Onifade, Jack Nguyen
Ifatayo Onifade and Jack Nguyen pose in front of Nguyen’s pieces, Ascencion and Borders.

Axander Vazquez
Axander Vazquez poses in front of his piece, Before the Day is Over.

Ifatayo Onifade
Ifatayo Onifade discusses his piece, Summer Daze.

Partners, associates, and staff at Sidley’s Boston office listen to the artists’ stories behind the pieces they created.

(L to R) Tracy Beeks, Mawakana Onifade, Ifatayo Onifade
A family reunion: Tracy Beeks, receptionist of Sidley’s Boston office, poses with her cousin, Mawakana Onifade; and Mawakana’s son, AFH artist Ifatayo Ofinade.

(L to R) Brenda Leong, Ifatayo Onifade, Jack Nguyen
Students from Artists for Humanity share their personal stories and inspiration for their art.

(L to R) Varun Upneja, Ifatayo Onifade, Jack Nguyen
Varun Upneja of the Sidley’s Boston office got the opportunity to talk with the Artists for Humanity artists.

Sidley purchased 10 pieces of artwork to decorate their office.