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Object of Desire: Petal to the Metal

Reed Krakoff debuts his first collection for Tiffany & Co.


Impulse Buy: Open Secrets

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Down the Aisle and (Almost) to the Poor House

After a year and a half of wedding planning, my big day is fast approaching. On the very last day of this month, I’ll be […]

Sneak Peek: Pre-Fall St. John Collection

Always eager to mix our two drugs of choice, Bostonista stopped by the Copley Neiman Marcus on Tuesday to sip champagne and take in the […]


Beauty Woes: They Say Orange Is the Color of the Season, Right?

As my coworkers can (and will) attest, my ankles—especially the back side of them along my Achilles tendon—take on an orange hue around this time […]


Victoria’s Best Kept Secret

Until last week, we hadn’t set foot in Victoria’s Secret for quite some time. The whole “lack-of-restraint” concept embarrasses us (or, rather, makes us embarrassed […]

A Biking to Work Primer

Now that it’s spring, Bostonians with chutzpah are remembering the bikes they’d left rotting in garages and basements. That coupled with the imminent environmental crisis […]

Ladies’ Lunch, Ladies’ Room

Never one to turn down a fashion show, Bostonista took a quick jaunt down the Mass. Pike last week for a Stil charity luncheon, emceed […]

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Best of Boston 2017: Weddings

Best of Boston 2017: Weddings

Our annual guide to the region’s finest venues and vendors is chock-full of wedding pros.

Lighting Design 101: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Boston’s Biggest Bashes

Lighting Design 101: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Boston’s Biggest Bashes

Frost Productions gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the Moondance Gala.

Presented by Frost Productions


Bostonista Loves: An Organized Purse

After sartorially struggling with a month of ambiguous weather, we’re relieved to finally ditch our (questionable) in-between-season ensembles. However, the arrival of legitimately sunny 60+ […]

On the Hunt: Best Dress for a Fest

Tomorrow morning I will jump on a plane and head to Palm Springs, where I’ll meet Fashion Week Mom (FWM), my little sister, and four […]


Mini-masochist: The $200 blowdryer

Our unrelenting quest for self improvement took a hair raising turn this week when, after two years of trusty service, our ionic Vidal Sassoon short […]

WWJD: New Apartment Purchases

The trend in extravagant, truly silly purchases—coupled with our already established pet obsession—continues this week, as I make myself at home in my new apartment. […]


Beauty and the Budget

It’s been a rough week, but now that our taxes are finally filed, it’s time to spend that refund on a little relaxing, renewing, and […]

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Best of Boston 2017: Services

Best of Boston 2017: Services

Including organic facials and the ultimate personal assistant.

Warm Wishes: How These Holiday Gifts Help the Homeless

Warm Wishes: How These Holiday Gifts Help the Homeless

Babson College junior Maxwell Perry wanted to make a difference; now his business has donated more than 3,000 blankets to homeless shelters and individuals.

Presented by Beantown Blankets

A Quick(ish) Guide to Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Until Tuesday, I was fairly ignorant of the particular hazards of dry cleaning. Until Tuesday, I vaguely understood that the chemicals used in the process […]


Catty Picks from the Newest Bostonista

You love Joanie. You got to know Tyra. Now, it’s time you meet the newest member of Bostonista‘s feline family, Margie. We first fell in […]

Logan Upgrade: The Virgin Lounge Opens

Last week, Bostonista was invited to attend the opening party for Logan’s new Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Always up for an airport trip—pick ups, drop offs, […]


Aging Rock Stars, Part II… Target: Aging Fans

The lobby of the Somerville Theater was a blue/gray sea of denim, chambray, and fleece. “Yikes!” I said to my husband. “These are my peers?” […]

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