Local Talent: Client Info Form

Local Talent is a formatted ad section in Boston Weddings exclusively for the region’s wedding experts. Each expert will receive professional hair and makeup and a headshot taken by the team at Parl. Each profile will also include information about you and your business and business contact information. Please look through the deadlines below closely and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Important Deadlines

April 19th: Fill out this brief form as soon as possible, or no later than the 19th. Parl will be in touch to schedule your photoshoot.

April 25th or 26th: You must be available on one of these two days for your photoshoot. Hair and makeup is included, and the total session will take about 3 hours. Please arrive at the shoot with no makeup and clean, dry hair (Parl will be styling, but will not be doing any blowouts). The photographer will edit your best shot and send it our way. Once we have the photo and your completed form we’ll get to work making your profile!

May 6th: Expect to receive a proof of your profile by this week. You’ll have about 48 hours to review the profile with your team and provide us any edits and feedback. We can make up to two rounds of changes to your profile.

May 13th: Final sign-off on your profile is due by end of day.

June 18th: The issue is on sale! Make sure to check out the Local Talent special section to see your profile.

  • (For internal contact purposes only.)
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  • (For internal contact purposes only.)
  • This will be the profile header. Up to three people may be included.
  • This will appear all lowercase and without the "www" in print.
  • Draft about 150 words of text. You can focus on whatever you prefer, but here are a few questions to get you started: When was your company founded, and how has it evolved to where it is today? What inspired you to go into this field? What makes your approach to your craft or career unique? Why are you based in Boston? Please note that we will edit your copy for Boston Mag style guidelines and length, and all copy will be in third-person.