Nashoba Brooks School

Nashoba Brooks School has created a singular learning environment in its classrooms, laboratories and studios, as well as on its stages and playing fields—where the future is taking shape.

The multi-age, co-ed preschool (starting at age 3) presents the opportunity for children to spend two years being inquisitive and confident learners and community members. The co-ed program continues in kindergarten through grade 3 where the school encourages discovery and supports the acquisition of essential skills. Students develop multicultural perspectives and feel safe in taking on new learning challenges.

In the all-girls middle school (grades 4-8), students rise to greater academic challenges while finding opportunities for self-exploration and leadership. Nashoba Brooks girls learn to answer tough questions, pursue elusive answers, assert well-formed opinions, and meet life’s obstacles with sureness, strength, and a sense of humor. As the community’s oldest students, they model the empathy, resilience, and grit needed to succeed in high school and the world. They become leaders and respected members of the region’s best secondary schools, and in the colleges, universities, and careers they choose. Visit

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