Miller Time?

At last, the reunion we’ve all been waiting for: Reggie Miller and Jesus Shuttlesworth! Miller, the 42-year-old former NBA sharp-shooter, is credited for a cameo in Spike Lee’s 1998 “joint,” He Got Game, which of course starred new Celtics gunner Ray Allen. Now, according to reports from, it looks like Miller could be reprising his bit part alongside Shuttlesworth—can we all just agree to always call him Jesus Shuttlesworth? The C’s want to pick up Miller to come off the bench for about 15 minutes per game, and apparently the former Indianapolis Pacer star is seriously considering it.


Either Danny Ainge is looking for someone about his age to play HORSE with or he’s really on to something here. Outside of their new three-headed monster (anyone referring to KG, Allen and Paul Pierce as “The New Big Three” should be summarily drawn and quartered) and recent pickup Eddie House (eight teams in eight years doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence), the Celtics shoot worse than Dick Cheney. As if it needed to be rubbed in, check out Jackie MacMullan’s piece in the Globe today, which notes Coach Doc Rivers’ eighth-grade son can officially out-shoot starting point guard Rajon Rondo. By a lot.

Yes, Miller’s incessant flopping and whining at the refs was maddening when he was with Indy, but hey, players tend to bother you a lot less when they’re wearing the right colored laundry (see David Wells, circa 2005). Now, where is Detlef Schrempf?