Fat Chance

BD_loser.jpgAs consumers, we’re all pretty much used to disclaimers: On contests (void were prohibited), McDonald’s coffee cups (here, and less authentically, here) and pharmaceutical ads (that thing about four hour erections). Still, a press release we just got for an open casting call for NBC’s reality show, The Biggest Loser, caught us a bit off guard.

For those not familiar, the show is essentially a contest between obese people to see who can shed the most pounds, and thus claim eternal reality TV glory. So, after explaining how the audition process will work and pronouncing that the show is a competition fit only for those possessing “the want, desire and competitive edge to be the next Biggest Loser,” the press release adds: “*Last year’s winner lost 214 lbs and won $250,000!”

And on the next line: “*results not typical.”

Well, in that case, screw the audition. Let’s all go to Bickford’s! If you’re interested in becoming a loser, it’s at Felt, 533 Washington St. from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday.