Spanning the Web

beckham.jpgBeckham is coming! Beckham is coming! David Beckham comes to New England with the LA Galaxy this weekend to play the Revolution at Gillette Stadium, but he may not play due to an ankle injury. Which isn’t a big deal, because we know you’re not checking that game out for the love of soccer. [WCVB]

What’s wrong old ladies drinking Schlitz? The Globe profiles the tale of woe of Gary Sullivan and Mark Young, who couldn’t afford a summer home in Provincetown and ended up with a dilapidated shack in Truro. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending– the couple yuppified the cabin and love it. [Globe]

“3.6, maybe, but not 3.8.” We love when someone in Massachusetts gets suckered into appearing on the Daily Show to be made a fool of just to get their opinions to a larger audience. Enjoy this sendup of Cape Wind by Jason Jones. [Comedy Central via Universal Hub]

Dustin Pedroia: Lolcat. Sometimes after an epic West Coast trip, a girl can only use an internet fad to express her sleepless worry. Enjoy. [papelblog]