Morning Lines

BD_papers0809.jpgDon’t ask, don’t tell: Turns out Powers Fasteners had similar problems with their glue on construction jobs in Singapore. No one from Powers mentioned the problems, and apparently, no one on the Big Dig project asked. [Globe]

It’s hard out there for a cop: The Herald’s Michele McPhee has the news that the Boston Police Department is cracking down on cops on those fabulous $37-an-hour “work” details for watching construction jobs. Among the violations: That cops be well-dressed, not sit in their air-conditioned cars, and not have long cell-phone conversations. Oh, and they have to show up. [Herald]

It’s also hard out there for a Mormon: The New York Times checks in from Iowa with word that our former Governor is coming under attack for his lack of “conservative credentials.” As the only one of the perceived front-runners participating in the Iowa straw poll Mitt Romney makes an easy target, but one doesn’t get the sense this will go away any time soon for our Mitt. [New York Times]