Morning Lines

papers_8_13.jpgThe one band not doing a reunion tour this summer. The reunion of Dennis and Callahan, WEEI’s sports-talking morning show hosts, has been postponed so the duo can “walk the beaches of Cape Cod to relax, reflect and think,” according to a spokesman for WEEI. Rumor has it the pair will take the time to reflect on how they don’t think a new contract offer from Entercom pays them enough. [Herald]

But he was walking with a limp. You’re not going to believe this, but some people have handicapped placards who aren’t actually handicapped. The real shock is that the Globe thought this was such a revelation they put it on the front page. [Globe]

Soldier from Roxbury dies in Iraq. Joan Duran, a twenty-four year old sergeant, died in a roadside bombing. [Globe]