Soul-Crushing Scofflaws

bossie.jpgAlas, poor Bossie, we hardly knew ye. Bossie the Cow, who became famous for her markings that look like the beloved Old Man of the Mountain (debatable), was a spokes-cow for the White Mountain Animal League. She was put down last week due to arthritis and cancer. [WBZ]

There aren’t enough pigeons in that picture. The huge project that will eventually give us a renovated Filene’s Basement and still more condos, is expected to be approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s meeting tomorrow. It’s boring and generic, just like the new model Filene’s Basement stores themselves. [Herald]

The nice thing about crushing Sox losses is the good blogging. Denton at Surviving Grady calls Eric Gagne “the new face of ‘suck’ in Boston” while Kristen at Basegirl offers her closing skills to the Red Sox for “$14.79 and a sushi dinner with Mike Lowell.” Beth at Cursed to First reminds us to keep our heads, and that the whole team wasn’t great in the Orioles games. [Surviving Grady, Basegirl, Cursed to First]

scofflaws.jpgBut “scofflaw” doesn’t work with “handicapped.” Channel 7 dodges its trend to use alliteration in its story titles by reporting on the handicapped tag abuse by describing the abusers as scofflaws. Hopefully by the evening news they’ll have the story titled as “Parking Punks” or “Handicapped Horrors.” [WHDH]

Maybe we should suck up to Mitt Romney a little bit more. Massachusetts’ former governor and straw-poll victor Mitt Romney reported his wealth to the Federal Election Commission, and it comes in at a whopping $250 million. Good thing—it must take a good amount of money to keep up that gorgeous presidential head of hair. [WBZ]