Boston Loves Talking About Self, Others

blogging.jpgThe Globe reports today that Boston is the “bloggiest city” in America, according to We edged out Philadelphia, home of our sister blog, by one extra post per 100,000 residents. Not like we’re rubbing it in or anything.

The Globe offers some reasons for why we scored so high. The first reason is Boston is “obsessed with politics” which is certainly part of the local blogosphere, but Jon Petitt, an editor at Bostonist, offers a much more rational explanation.

Sports is a popular local blog topic, [Petitt] noted, and just when was taking its snapshot of blogging activity, Greater Boston was obsessing on Daisuke Matsuzaka, the Japanese star pitcher who left his homeland to play baseball for the Red Sox.

Well, that’s one championship Curt Schilling and the Sox have helped us win this year.

It will be interesting to see what city would top the list in February when the Sox and Patriots are both relatively quiet and Boston bloggers have to rely solely on politics and annoying people on the T stories for content. We still think we’d kick Philly’s ass, though.