If You Lived Here, You’d Be Hearing Techno By Now

Boston’s real estate market is not an easy place to do business. Realtors go to extra lengths to attract potential buyers or renters to their places. On craigslist, for example, adding pictures might grab your attention. But the wave of the future is video listings on sites such as YouTube, and some of Boston’s realtors are embracing the technology with hilariously awesome results.

techno_video_apartment.jpgFord Realty recently posted this video masterpiece on YouTube, advertising a 3-bedroom apartment in Beacon Hill. The clip is short, so to get a renter’s attention, Ford added a great track from a royalty-free techno CD.


Jacob Realty isn’t about to sit idly by while Ford takes their business. While Jacob’s listings are eerily silent, they do feature some of the best screen wipes since MTV circa 1983, like the ones in this gem.