Mitt, How Could You?

ask_mitt.jpgMitt, we’ve been through a lot together. Massachusetts fell in love with you back in 2002 with your big head of hair and the story of how you saved the Salt Lake Olympics, and we elected you our governor. Deep in our hearts we always knew you were just using us to get to bigger and better places, but this, this thing with the YES Network. It’s all just too much.

The Yankees? The Evil Empire? The network referred to by NY Daily News media columnist Bob Raissman as Al-Yankzeera? You’re in cahoots with crazy George Steinbrenner? We thought we had something together, Mitt. When you reassured us after the Big Dig collapse by wearing a hard hat and carrying a clipboard, we loved you and tried to forget about the bad times. But this hurts even more than when Johnny Damon left us for more money and the pinstripes.

Why not own stock in NESN? What’s wrong with Hazel Mae and Remy and Orsillo? You don’t like the RemDawg now, either? You reportedly sold the stocks that posed a potential conflict of interest, but you and your investors clearly forgot some. We can’t do this anymore, Mitt. You’re not going to have Massachusetts to rely on for votes come 2008. We have to move on. Mitt, it’s over.