Morning Lines

papers_8_14.jpg$250 million doesn’t buy what it used to: The Romney war chest is finally out in the open, and it reveals, among other things, that our Mitt is the wealthiest presidential candidate (no kidding), and that he has a stake in the Yankees’ YES Network! (Oh). [Globe] [Herald]

D&C Sidelined: Speaking of the Herald, they remain far out front on the Dennis & Callahan beat. Today’s follow deals with advertisers less than thrilled about spending big dollars on the pair’s replacements. Also on the case is the estimable David Scott of Scott’s Shots. [Herald]

Big Blue Consolidation: IBM plans to build “an 800,000-square-foot ‘software campus’ near Interstate 495.” Microsoft and Google are moving into comfy Kendall Square, while IBM takes over a suburban monstrosity, but IBM says it needs more space. [Globe]