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curt_schilling.jpgWe told you to shut up once in a while. Curt Schilling, the mouth-runningest man on the Sox roster, may have to deal with Barry Bonds’ lawyers for implying that Bonds took steroids. Is Bonds going the Tom Cruise route of suing people into silence for stating the obvious? Will Schilling ever update 38pitches? [Herald]

If you want to throw stuff in the tank, you have to go to Sea World. A Rhode Island man was arrested at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut for tossing iodine and a soldering agent into a whale tank to protect them from Agent Orange. Sea creatures in aquariums around New England demand further protection against these fishy terrorists. [WBZ]

Let the backlash begin! Local bloggers are already decrying the lead plastic in their children’s toys and vowing not to buy toys made in China. You can ask Sara Bongiorni how easy that is to achieve. [Universal Hub]

Who is Andy Sonnastine and what is he doing to the Sox? If you forgot today’s Sox game was a day game until now (and if the fighter jets didn’t remind you), it’s not looking good over. Sox lose, but Mariano Rivera blows up in the 10th against the Orioles. (Thank you, Aubrey Huff). The lead is still 5. []