America Debases History on Dunkin

Fred the Baker must be spinning in his grave (probably in the shape of an old-school donut box). Not only is Dunkin Donuts toying with its own history by betraying its working-class roots by using celebrity spokespeople like Rachael Ray and Naomi Campbell, it is now toying with actual Boston history. The owner of a Revolutionary War-era building in Dorchester wants to convert it into a Dunkin Donuts. Hey, at least it’s not condos.

Actually, the only reason the 212-year-old building won’t become condos is because the Boston Landmarks Commission put a 90-day hold on the building’s demolition to work out a plan with Gregg Donovan, the owner of the property. Apparently, Donovan thinks that a Dunkin Donuts would allow the building to remain standing, but would also turn a profit for him.

This got us thinking. Why not turn other Boston landmarks into Dunkin Donuts to make more money? How many locals take a spin through the Old North Church or Paul Revere’s House? Not many. But if you put in a space for Boston’s medium, five-creams-six-sugar-addicts to get a fix they’ll be lined up around the block. The product of our consumerist imaginations (and mediocre Photoshop skills) are below (click for big).