Good Health Triumphs Over All

BD_indiana.jpgWe’re officially through the looking glass on this trans fats business. Boston’s weighing a ban on the evil, child-killing, artery-solidifying substances, but it’s instructive to gauge the level of national irrationality before we tread any further down this lard-slicked road. Take Indiana, for example, which just banned trans fats from their State Fair.

That means Hoosiers of all stripes (and sizes) can now indulge in deep fried Twinkies, fried dough, and deep fried Pepsi (!!!) without fear of trans fats compromising their health. Here’s the money quote: “They won’t even know the difference, except it’s a little healthier, which isn’t a bad thing at a state fair,’ Urick said.” Awesome. Hopefully each item comes with a coupon for a free two-liter bottle of Coke with lime. That way Hoosiers can be both svelte and free of scurvy!