Spanning the Web

giambi.jpgAnd I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you… oh. I am getting away with it. Steroid-abusing creepy Yankee Jason Giambi will not be punished for using steroids. Why? Because he was a cooperative cheater and he does charitable work. Expect some new Barry Bonds PSAs any day now. [ESPN]

Was that in What to Expect When You’re Expecting? A mother who gave birth at Emerson Hospital in Concord is now hospitalized in Boston with flesh-eating bacteria. There’s a great horror movie in here somewhere. Somebody call Eli Roth. [WCVB]

Somebody else get Fox 25 a thesaurus. Hey, Channel 25, it’s not a “mishap” if a guy totes along “two water balloon slingshots, a homemade water balloon cannon, [and] a portable air compressor” and takes somebody’s eye out with a high-powered water balloon. That’s not the same as tossing it underhand with the same result. [WFXT]

A classic no more? The Inside Track reports that WCRB may soon become Nassau Broadcasting’s flagship all-sports station, and at Universal Hub there’s a discussion of how that is a distinct possibility. Did someone say Dennis & Callahan? [Herald via Universal Hub]

Want a McMansion? Don’t go to Wellesley. In an attempt to keep the nouveau riche out of vieux riche Wellesley, the zoning board wants to institute a strict review for any home construction projects over 4,500 square feet. Mo’ money, mo’ problems indeed. [WCVB]