Morning Lines

papers_8_17.jpgDidn’t we just build that thing? A federal inspection of the Zakim Bridge shows that six steel plates that hold the bridge up are an “immediate or dangerous condition.” The state says that they were a “defect associated with the installation.” Wait, what? [Globe]

Dennis and Callahan bound for the unemployment line? WEEI parent company Entercom Communications wants to simulcast its content on Nassau Broadcasting’s stations, ending Dennis and Callahan’s plan to create a new sports radio empire and keeping them off the airwaves for the near future. [Herald]

That’s not healthy, is it? In yet another flaw in Massachusetts’ new healthcare law, older residents who earn too much money to qualify for state-subsidized coverage and who aren’t old enough for Medicare are paying considerably more for their coverage than young people, leaving one woman to eat popcorn for dinner and ignore her ailments. [Globe]