The Week That Was

ask_mitt.jpgChronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Summer hours edition).

Ron Jeremy involved in car accident, BostonNow simply a train wreck: An accident caused by someone else, allows our free daily to “break news” by implying (incorrectly) that Jeremy is a drunk-driver and then getting a state trooper in trouble. Nice work! Anyone want to edit this thing?

Now we know why he didn’t want to share: Mitt Romney’s investment portfolio reveals a stake in the Yankees’ TV network, and stem-cell research. That’ll go over well in South Carolina.

Boston Fashion Week scheduled for same time as New York Fashion Week, AKA Fashion Week: In related news, Yarmouth 5K scheduled for same week as New York Marathon, but still expects world class field.

So, you’re saying don’t go near the sharks? After a couple of seals show up with shark bites on them, Chatham harbormaster doles out some solid advice.

How, exactly, is he going to replace Mo Vaughn again? Ex Red Sox infielder Jose Offerman is apparently alive and in the Atlantic League. He also swings a pretty mean stick.

We could be heroes, for just one day: And then Joe Fitzgerald will write about it.

How come we can’t get politicians like that? Buddy Cianci wants the airwaves, while Bostonians pretend to care about Dennis & Callahan.

Stupid Politician Tricks: Doing anything they can to get your vote.

Blasphemy from our Contrarian: Really? No way.

Filene’s Basement is ready for its close-up: A Q/A with the filmmakers reveals a fascinating project.

Quit playing games with my heart: Dunkin’ Donuts tries to get personal, then pulls back, revealing issues with intimacy.