Morning Lines

papers_8_20.jpgAwkward. On Saturday, Boston Police broke up an engagement party they claim was a near-riot. The partygoers say the party was winding down around 11 p.m. when the cops came in and pushed around some infants and sprayed guests with mace. That’s not going to help community relations. [Herald]

We’re sure it’s not a conflict of interest. Much like structurally deficient bridges that we’re reassured are completely safe to drive on, it’s totally fine that lobbyists with local interests contributed $400,000 to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Expect a proposal for a new wing on Fenway Park to float through Beacon Hill any time now. [Globe]

This testimonial probably won’t make it into the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau literature. After a day of enjoying Boston’s tourist attractions, a couple was brutally attacked by three women on the way back to their hotel. Listen, tourists bug us too, but you can just quietly judge them from afar and let them spend their tax dollars here. [Globe]

This story won’t make the tourist literature either. Four people were shot on a Mattapan street last night, with a 20-year-old woman dying from her injuries. Two men are being treated and another victim was shot in the “lower extremities.” [Herald]