Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve; Your Political Beliefs Everywhere Else

vote_or_die.jpgFashion is an important part of politics in the age of YouTube. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton showing a bit too much cleavage or Mitt Romney’s perfectly-coiffed hair, everyone has a style. But fashion and politics don’t end with the candidates themselves. Politicians want you decked out in their swag, and the items each candidate offers on their websites provide an interesting look at what base he or she is courting. As a public service we reviewed the frontrunners’ wares and let you know which politician has the gear for you.

Mitt Romney
Romney Shop: Upscale, but leaving the “-pe” off “shop” keeps him from pretentiousness.
Offerings: Cufflinks ($45) for the discerning businessman who wants to quietly announce his political leanings. Moneyclip ($20) for the billionaire who only wants to bring a fraction of his fortune with him for the day. A windshirt ($40) for dads who rock pleated Dockers and woven leather belts for a dressed-up casual look.
Who should shop here: Upper-middle class men with a hankering for the lower-upper class; people who enjoy speaking for their entire family’s political beliefs; liberals who love irony.

Barack Obama
Obama Store: Text on the store’s home page announces “All of our products are top quality, union and USA made and produced.”
Offerings: Ringer t-shirt ($25, add$1-$2 for largest sizes) with his face printed on it. Pink babydoll t-shirts ($20.08, add $1-$3 for largest sizes) that read “ObamaMAMA.” Also sells Support Packs ($20.08-$125) (for men and women) that allow you to push your candidate on all your friends.
Who should shop here: People with Barack Obama in their Top 8 MySpace friends; American Apparel shoppers; hipsters.

Rudy Giuliani
The Official Rudy 2008 Store: Longwinded and boring. Just what voters love!

Offerings: A rather bold Firefighters for Rudy t-shirt ($17.95). Polo shirts ($29.95). A mousepad ($8.95) for parents whose kids haven’t taught them about the delights of an optical mouse.
Who should shop here: People who find the flourishes on most other campaign shirts too fancy; The 12 New York Fire Department firefighters who still like Giuliani; Caroline Giuliani (to ease tensions at dinner).

Hillary Clinton
HillaryStore: Like Obama, HillaryStore says “All of our products are top quality and union made in the USA.”
Offerings: Piggy Bank ($7.50) to dispute the claim Clinton is a tax-and-spend liberal. “Hillary Cares About Me” pin ($3) for children whose parents want them to get their asses kicked on the playground. A generic long-sleeved t-shirt ($25) for the conservative who likes Clinton because she’s a woman.
Who should shop here: Not very liberal-liberals; children with strong political leanings (Clinton does know the voting age is 18, right?); women who don’t like babydoll t-shirts.