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sparks.jpgJust because they make it doesn’t mean you should drink it: Attorney Generals from twenty-eight states—including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont—asked federal regulators to crackdown on alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine. They claim the drink manufacturers are cashing in on the popularity of energy drinks to lure underage drinkers. Alcohol companies say the products are clearly labeled. Left unsaid is that only teenagers, and possibly Lindsay Lohan, would want to be drunk and have the jitters simultaneously. []

Next you’ll tell us he owns stock in YES: Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, the insane Boston sports fan who had us running out to buy headphones for our work computers to catch his YouTube antics, is actually an actor. Who lives in New York. But he is from Braintree! And is also married (sorry, ladies). Ah hell, we still love him. [ via Universal Hub]

At least some of our infrastructure isn’t awful: Proctor, Vermont is home of the fourth best restroom in America, according to the Cintas Corporation. Be sure to hold it until you get to the Vermont Marble Museum to enjoy the, um, marble bathroom. [ via WCVB]

Meet the Player To Be Named Later: First baseman Chris Carter is the PTNBL in the Wily Mo Pena deal. A left-handed hitting power hitter by way of Stanford, Carter has put up solid numbers at Triple-A Tuscon, but is said to be a “well below-average defender.” [Baseball America]