Morning Lines

papers_8_22.jpgSuckers: James Riva, the “Vampire Killer” who shot his grandmother and then “[fed] off her wounds” is a budding artist selling his artwork on a website, renewing calls to outlaw murderabilia in Massachusetts. Though his website claims that Riva is a different person now, we’d say his crimes against art should keep him from parole for a while. [Herald]

It all depends on your definition of affordable: MassHousing has awarded more than $20 million to the huge Columbus Center development, despite the fact that the complex doesn’t meet MassHousing’s affordability requirements. MassHousing claims that the project will transform downtown so much they couldn’t possibly say no. [Globe]

All the news that fits: The Globe continues its odd fetish with the Anti-Defamation League story. Interesting? Maybe, but is it really above-the-fold front page news? [Globe]