P-Town Fabricator Messes With Oprah, Regrets It

oprah.jpgWhen are authors going to learn the rules of Oprah’s Book Club? The first rule of Oprah’s Book Club is that you don’t mess with Oprah. The second rule of Oprah’s Book Club is that you DO NOT mess with Oprah. Apparently, Bill Schneider of Provincetown didn’t understand the rules of Oprah’s Book Club.

As the Weekly Dig reported, LA transplant and Provincetown tourism director Bill Schneider wrote a book called Crossed Paths. On his now-defunct website, Schneider posted a transcript of his appearance on Oprah. (You can see the HTML version here.) The only problem? Unlike fellow disgraced novelist James Frey, Schneider never appeared on the Oprah show. Ever.

Today Schneider quit his job as tourist director and said that he is “ready for a new challenge.”

His “new challenge” is probably to live a life on the lam from the billionaire bibliophile. Or perhaps, to pen a memoir of his challenges and hope it catches Oprah’s fancy.