brady_baby_jersey.jpgAt long last, the Second Coming of Brady. Patriots fans can rejoice — Tom Brady’s child is a boy. In about 20 years or so, we expect Brady Jr. will lead the Patriots to victory. (Though it would suck for everyone if the kid is uncoordinated and kind of artsy.)

Unfortunately for the public, the couple hasn’t released any details about the newborn. The baby’s name isn’t public yet, though the Inside Track reports the parents are considering “an Irish-sounding name.” That certainly narrows it down.

The Globe claims that Brady was a good baby daddy, showing up with flowers for the hugely pregnant Moynahan and flying in on the Kraft family’s private jet. WBZ goes so far as to add jubilant trumpet music to its package about the baby’s birth. (But where does the station go to solicit parental advice for Brady? A sports bar.)

Local reaction has been positive from the time Moynahan announced her pregnancy. As Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald says in this video (as always, we recommend headphones at work), “the arrival of this future number one draft pick should be treated the same way as the arrival of Simba at f-ing Pride Rock.”

Soxaholix goes a step further, wondering exactly how far Brady will go to win another Super Bowl. If you’re eating lunch, click the link later.

The only thing missing now is a comment from Brady’s current girlfriend, Giselle Bundchen. Giselle was reportedly angry Tom was spending so much time talking to his pregnant ex-girlfriend. (Giselle, if you want to vent, there are plenty of men who’ll listen.)