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Football’s chosen one has come! The Moynahan-Brady baby has been born, and it’s a boy. Can we add him to our fantasy football team yet? [Herald]

You’re hired: Stuart Spina, a 16-year-old from West Roxbury, has some ideas on how to improve bus service. Dan Grabauskas, the MBTA’s general manager, is exploring some of Spina’s recommendations. Apparently he doesn’t realize that a teenager who has a better grasp on how the T works than he does could be a threat to his job. Kids work cheap, Dan. [Herald]

Maybe they thought no one would notice? Three Boston Police Department lieutenants are on desk duty and face hundreds of disciplinary charges for abusing the paid detail system. The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation says the allegations are exaggerated and they’ll fight for the officers. [Globe]

Come on and take a free ride: If you’ve been riding the T with a magically reloading CharlieCard, your luck has run out. The company the T uses to collect fares updated its software and found you out and turned off your card. Or maybe Stuart Spina tipped the MBTA off? [Globe]