Spanning the Web

BD_videos.jpgTaking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

De Plane! De Plane! What is it with planes buzzing us during lunch? Not to worry, it’s just the Air Force showing off again. []

America, America, this is you: Emerson alum Vin Di Bona received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Who’s Vin Di Bona? The man who brought us a half-hour of high-velocity crotch crashes and pets doing stupid tricks on America’s Funniest Home Videos. They’ll give anyone one of those stars, won’t they? [Globe]

Where’s that chart? An 86-year-old man died three weeks after a surgeon at Rhode Island Hospital operated on the wrong side of the man’s brain. The surgeon relied on his memory of which side needed the operation since nobody had written down which hemisphere needed surgery. Yikes. [WBZ]

Auf Wiedersehen, Bean: Nina Garcia, Project Runway judge and Fashion Director of Elle magazine, writes about the culture shock she experienced as a teenager at a boarding school in Wellesley, and how much she hated L.L. Bean’s Duck Boots. Hey, at least she didn’t say we all wear Crocs and lobster bibs. [Gawker]

Superbad: Somebody at just saw Superbad last night. As news of The Chosen One’s birth broke yesterday, solicited ideas for baby names. One reader’s suggestion, McLovin Brady, made it into yesterday’s slideshow like this:mclovin_brady.jpg

Sometime between yesterday and today, they got the reference.


If you don’t get the reference, watch this.