Heck of a Job, Fredo

We usually try to stay close to home here at Boston Daily, but sometimes the events of the day overtake us. Alberto_Gonzales_Torture14j.jpg

As Karl Rove goes, so goes Alberto Gonzales. The Attorney General has resigned, and there will be a press conference at 10:30 a.m. in which everyone’s favorite AG will become everyone’s favorite ex-AG. What ever will Patrick Leahy do now?

Most politicians have held off on reacting to news of Gonzales’ resignation until after their coffee, but John Edwards has already piped up and said the resignation is “better late than never.” Hillary Clinton will also be happy with the news, since she called for Gonzales’ resignation in March, saying then that “. . . The attorney general — who still seems to confuse his prior role as the president’s personal attorney with his duty to the system of justice and to the entire country — should resign.”

Reaction on Boston.com’s board is mixed. One user says “Good riddance to bad garbage. Hopefully they’ll take out the rest of the trash soon.” Another user laments the loss of Gonzales. “A good man who served his country well. We are worse off with this loss.” Wonkette calls the manner in which Gonzales resigned “one final display of hilarious ineptitude.” Though we know why Gonzales held off on making the announcement until now– the Daily Show is a repeat tonight. Hopefully Stephen Colbert can handle it.