Little House of Horrors

It’s a bit hard to believe, but the Herald is reporting that somone actually bought Neil Entwistle’s Hopkinton home.

Four bedrooms. Two grizzly murders. What a bargain.

The original asking price of $549,000 was reduced to $485,000 and it appears to have lured a buyer. The owners, Kimberly and David Puig of Hopkington, who were renting the home to Entwistle for $2,700 a month at the time of the murders, declined comment.

Neil Entwistle, 28, is set to go on trial in Middlesex Superior Court Oct. 1 for allegedly executing his wife, Rachel, 27, and baby girl, Lillian Rose, 9 months, in the master bedroom on Jan. 20, 2006. Police say Neil Entwistle stole his father-in-law’s .22 caliber handgun to gun down his wife and child with just two shots.

Who in God’s name would want to move in there? I don’t even think John Wayne Gacy has that kind of stomach.