Mistress Gorgeous and the BPD

As a public service, we recap the droll commentary and surprisingly stupid criminals that make the crime reports required reading.

mistress_gorgeous.jpgCraigslist ain’t just for finding an apartment or some free blank VHS tapes. The Boston Police found a post on Craigslist titled “Gorgeous Mistress available to meet submissive men” and replied to the post. You can probably guess where this is going.

. . . [T]he undercover officer placed a telephone call and spoke to an unknown female and asked her if she was “Mistress Gorgeous” at which time she replied “Yes, how can I help you?” The undercover officer informed “Mistress Gorgeous” that he had been conversing with her by email and the undercover officer gave “Mistress Gorgeous” his name. “Mistress Gorgeous” then told the under cover officer that she lived in an apartment building and it is at 20 Leicester Street in Brighton.

Now, we aren’t prostitutes, but we’ve seen prostitutes in the movies and they never work from home. Hustle and Flow? Nola works out of DJay’s car. Pretty Woman? Edward keeps Vivian in a hotel room, and only stops by her apartment to declare his love after she left the hotel.

Again. Not prostitutes. But running a brothel from home must be like checking your work email on the weekends–it’s bringing it home with you. Also, it makes it very easy for the cops to find you.

Boston’s Finest raided 20 Leicester Street on Friday and found Mistress Gorgeous, aka Kara Rogers and a Jacob Rogers, and arrested them for “Sexual Conduct for a Fee, [and] Allowing a Premise to be used for Immoral Purposes.” At least the pair can use Craigslist to find a new apartment once they make bail.