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Well, it could have been worse: Eight people were shot or stabbed in Boston this weekend. Police Superintendent Daniel Linskey says that he’d thought the weekend would have much more violent. See? Not so bad! [Herald]

Hooray? Reports are trickling in that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. Stay tuned. [NYT via Boston.com, Herald.com]

Hey, he took a gamble: The Wampanoag tribe is concerned about its image after Glen Marshall, the chairman of the tribal council, admitted he is a convicted rapist who lied about his military experience in Vietnam. Marshall stepped down on Friday, but there are still questions about $14 million that he and others spent to achieve federal recognition for the tribe. [Globe]

What a way to make a living: A Patrick administration official who worked with the biotechnology industry is under fire for not disclosing that he was in talks for a job in the that industry. Patrick Coughlin met with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council on June 11 for what his lawyer claims was a “meet and greet,” but didn’t notify Deval Patrick until July 24. [Globe]