Armageddon in the Bronx, or Just Another Series?

BD_dnews.jpgAfter weeks of hand-wringing, fate-tempting and a general feeling of anxiousness mixed with angst, it is finally upon us. Yankees-Red Sox. At the Stadium. Was it really just a week and a half ago when columnists and pundits were wondering just how good the Red Sox really were? And if it was 1978 all over again? Yes it was, and now? The Bronx, as you may have heard, is burning and Reggie and Billy are nowhere to be found.

The series lacks sizzle, says the New York Daily News, and one columnist is calling for Mike Mussina to be replaced in the rotation by Kei Iagawa after last night’s 16-0 beatdown in Motown. Yikes.

Spanked Yanks Limp Home to face Boston is the headline on But have no fear Yankee-lovers, Goose Gossage says there is still time for the Pinstripes to come back. Well, that must be comforting.

Meanwhile NY Times oddball Murray Chass is mainly mum, but he references his email from Red Sox fans, a sure sign that the columnist has nothing much to say.

Closer to home, the Herald has an interview with John Henry from the estimable Rob Bradford, while the kids over at Sons of Sam Horn are mostly muted in their usual, deeply analytical way.

Yup, the whole thing has that anti-climactic feel to it and for Red Sox fans, that is a good thing.