Sen. Craig and Mitt, Sitting In a Tree?

BD_howie.jpgHowie Carr celebrates his good fortune today by phoning in another Herald column. This time his target is Idaho Senator Larry Craig, a strong believer in strong families and strong values and so forth, who was bagged in a sting operation trying to solicit sex from an undercover cop in an airport. Naturally, this man is a fraud and a hypocrite and deserves all the abuse we can summon. Howie could have done a merciless column on how, recent history has shown, the more outspoken you are against so-called sexual perversions, the more likely you are to be indulging in them yourself. But no.

Instead, we got this pile of stale half-jokes about gays, yet another mention of “Sodom and Begorrah” and the truly bizarre–or exceptionally lazy–assertion that Craig must have supported Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign because he thinks the former gov. is hot. Like 90 percent of Carr’s columns, this one seemed to have been written in the car on the way to the bank. It makes me wonder whether he’ll continue to do these autopilot jobs after he starts his new, $7 million-plus radio gig. I hope not. This latest one bored me so bad I actually started sneezing. Seriously. That’s never happened before, and I have no idea why it did. But it did.