Sisters Are Doing it For Themselves

not_brady.jpgWe know we’ve developed a kind of obsession with the birth of John Edward Thomas Moynahan to rival the Globe’s play of the ADL on the front page, but the broadsheet’s Names column has a quote from an advice columnist that is driving us nuts, so we had to bring it up again. We apologize in advance.

Considering that Brady and Bridget broke up last winter — and he’s been dating Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen ever since — it’s perhaps not surprising that the baby has been given his mom’s surname, not his dad’s. Nonsense, says Margo Howard, who writes the advice column Dear Margo. “That must have been her choice and he acquiesced, but I don’t know why he would. I mean, he’s responsible for the kid, financially,” said Howard, whose mom “Eppie” Lederer was Ann Landers. “If you’re knocked up and you don’t care for the guy, you give the baby your last name, but Tom Brady’s nobody to be ashamed of, and everyone will call him the Brady kid anyway. I don’t get it.”

For real?

Here’s the thing, Margo. New Englanders refer to the baby as Tom Brady‘s kid because we’re all psychotic about sports and we hoped it would be a boy so he can play for the Patriots someday. However, Bridget Moynahan has a pretty nice career of her own. She isn’t a struggling waif, waiting for a man to save her from poverty. And if she were, it seems plenty of other men wouldn’t mind changing some diapers.

Perhaps Moynahan doesn’t “care for the guy” because he is her ex-boyfriend? Sure, Brady doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but he spent all summer gallivanting around the world with a supermodel while Moynahan spent all summer with swollen feet and a huge belly. She can give the kid her surname if that’s what she chooses to do. She’s not in a relationship with Tom Brady. She’s certainly not married to Tom Brady. For all intents and purposes, Bridget Moynahan is a single mother, and single mothers typically give their kids their last name.

We say good for you, Bridget. Here’s hoping you have some hot guy rubbing your sore feet while you take care of your child.