Spanning the Web


Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

You huffers get offa my lawn: After Governor Deval Patrick found himself “deeply disturbed” by a stray bullet that broke a window at the State House, Boston Police launched a crackdown on nighttime loitering and daytime drug use in the Boston Common. Now we don’t want to stay in the park, either, not without the possibility of watching tourists from the midwest shield their children from the crazies. [Herald]

But have the drunks stay put: Drunk driving deaths are down in Massachusetts, yet forty percent of last year’s fatal accidents involved someone who was drunk. Um, hooray? [WBZ]

That’s okay, we didn’t like that house anyway: Foreclosures in Massachusetts are up 67 percent from this time a year ago. Well, we’ll always have Common. Wait… [WCVB]

NH expected to suffer toxic cloud of smug, plague of frogs: Apparently, the French are interested in vacationing in New Hampshire after their president visited Lake Winnipesaukee. [WBZ]