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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.papers_8_29.jpg

Get your Fast Pass ready: The Herald reports that tolls may be coming to roads that are currently free to make up the deficit in state funding. We like the suggestions of cutting cushy employee pensions and benefits, but not the idea of tollbooths popping up on the Expressway. [Herald]

Hug an EMT today: Apparently, being an EMT doesn’t get you many thanks, but it does get you broken noses and chased down by dogs. [Globe]

He’s in the money: Howie Carr would make $450,000 in his first year at WTKK, but could eventually make up to $7 million with bonuses. Funny how the Herald put that good news on its front page… [Herald]

Breaking up the gang: Federal and local law enforcement arrested alleged members of a Salvadorian gang. Immigrant workers panicked and went home early from work, fearing the gang crackdown was an INS raid. [Globe]