Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

psycho.jpgSex and the City meets Fear: A Cambridge woman who broke up with her boyfriend of ten years found thirty pairs of her shoes slashed by her ex, who has stalked her and attempted to barricade her inside her apartment. The scariest thing? This psychopath still hasn’t been arrested. [Herald]

The arena is empty, except for one man: Have you ever wanted to see Mitt Romney out of breath and sweaty? We didn’t either, so we’re sharing this ad with you. [YouTube via WBZ]

Terrifying: reports the fire that killed two firefighters in West Roxbury smoldered for an hour in a greasy crawl space before exploding into the kitchen. []

Hey, at least it’s not lead: Boston Scientific’s subsidiaries will pay a $16.75 million in settlements for its malfunctioning pacemakers and defibrillators. []

We always knew Dunkin would take over the world: Quincy-born Dunkin Donuts is poised to open 10,000 new stores by 2020, which means opening 769 new stores per year. They’re gonna need bigger celebrities than Rachael Ray to support that level of expansion. [Boston Business Journal]

Tucker Carlson: Not gay, not a shrink, just a total jackass: We don’t care whether Mitt Romney’s ex-Idaho man Larry Craig is gay or not, and Tucker Carlson doesn’t either. But Craig is lucky he didn’t approach Carlson for sex in a bathroom in the ’80s, as Tucker seems to enjoy literal gay bashing. GLAAD is, of course, livid. [EdgeBoston via Bay Windows]