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Hug a public safety official campaign continues: Yesterday, we asked you to hug an EMT. Today, be sure to hug a firefighter. Two Boston firefighters died in a fire at a Chinese restaurant in West Roxbury last night, and two other firefighters are in critical condition. [Globe, Herald]

Luxury living at Revere Beach? A developer wants to build a $500 million complex on 10 acres near the Wonderland T stop. There would have to be some serious work done on the “hidden jewel” of Revere Beach to pique our interest. [Globe]

Hollywood inconveniences Boston: Businesses on Newbury Street report that the various movies filming in the area have hurt their sales. Reports are the same from the Glass Slipper, where Bachelor No. 2 is filming. Fear not, lunch time strip club visitors– the Glass Slipper is open. [Herald]

The jig is up, the news is out: Advocates for immigrant communities are upset at Tuesday’s raid on what Immigration and Customs Enforcement says was targeted only at members of a Salvadorian gang. Advocates claim that illegal immigrants not involved in the gang and some legal immigrants were also arrested. [Globe]